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    Chain link fence company Brooklyn

    A Chain Link Fence is a versatile and functional choice for both residential and commercial properties. With its durability and relatively low maintenance, it’s no wonder that Chain Link Fencing remains a popular option for our customers. From understanding the overall chain link fence cost to exploring Chain Link Fence Privacy Solutions and installation details, our Chain Link Fence professionals at SkyFen Fence Company Brooklyn are ready to share all their knowledge with you.

    One of the first questions that we often get from our customers is about the cost to install chain link fence. The Cost of a Chain Link Fence can vary based on factors such as the height, length, and gauge of the wire used. Additional features like gates and privacy enhancements can also impact the overall chain link fence pricing. That’s why we always strive to provide the most accurate, honest, and comprehensive estimates before we start installing a chain link fence.

    This is an image taken by one of our fence contractors. This is a chain link fence made for one of our customers in Brooklyn. The chain link fence is black.
    This is a chain link fence project done in Brooklyn NYC. This image was taken in Winter 2019. It was constructed by our fence company Brooklyn.
    This image is a chain link fence constructed by our fence company Brooklyn team. This fence was constructed in Summer 2016. The chain link fence is black.

    For those seeking a more contemporary and visually striking option, Black Chain Link Fences are definitely a popular choice. A black chain link fence offers a sleek and modern appearance that can complement various architectural styles. While the Black Chain Link Fence cost may be slightly higher than the traditional silver option, many find the aesthetic benefits well worth the investment. Some of our chain link fence options: 

    Installing a Chain Link Fence involves several steps to ensure its stability and longevity. Properly securing the posts, stretching and attaching the chain link fabric, and installing gates are crucial aspects of the installation process. Whether you’re interested in chain link fence installation for security, establishing property boundaries, or aesthetic reasons, when you work with our team of Fence Company Brooklyn professionals, we can ensure a successful outcome.

    While Chain Link Fences offer visibility and security, privacy can also be a concern for our customers. Luckily, there are various ways to enhance the privacy of your Chain Link Fence. From installing privacy slats to using decorative elements, such as plants or lattice, our Fence Company Brooklyn team have numerous Chain Link Fence Privacy ideas to explore including a Chain Link Fence Privacy Screen for creating a secluded outdoor space.


    Even with its durability, a Chain Link Fence may require repair over time due to factors like weather, accidents, or general wear. Our Chain Link Fence Repair team addresses issues such as broken links, bent posts, and/or sagging sections. And best of all, we focus on these kinds of repairs promptly to maintain the integrity and appearance of your fence.

    By now you are likely wondering just how much does a chain link fence cost to install? Or maybe even how much is the cost of chain link fence per foot?  The Chain Link Fence Installation cost depends on various factors. These include the size of the area to be fenced, the type of soil around the property, and any terrain challenges. Additionally, the inclusion of a chain link fence gate or any privacy chain link fence features can impact the overall installation cost. 

    But don’t fret, when it comes to costs, we have always been upfront, honest, and thorough with our customers and their budgets. You will know exactly how much does a chain link fence cost before any work gets started. 

    Chain Link Fences offer a practical and versatile fencing option for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re interested in the traditional silver variety or the modern appeal of a Black Chain Link Fence, consulting with our team at SkyFen Fence Company Brooklyn will help you make informed decisions that align with your needs and budget. 

    This is an image of a chain link fence built in a park in Brooklyn NYC. This image was taken by our fence company Brooklyn team.

    Contact us today for a free chain link fence consultation to ensure that your new fence is not only visually appealing, but also durable and functional for years to come.